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We do it all & we are good at it.

Incorporating Excellence in Every Design we Undertake Quality, time and the latest tech. are what we believe in

Training: Graphic Design

You have the talent for drawing and you are good at working in Photoshop, but you lack the animation process, so we will tailor for you a workshop specifically for animation, and you may be a professional in animation and Photoshop, but you aren’t good enough at designing books and magazines, we will also allocate a workshop for you to learn what you lack.

This is how EduStream leads the march of online learning in Egypt and the Arab world, so that we do not drain your time and capabilities, we will see what you want to learn specifically and we will separate the appropriate workshop for you.

Of course, the workshops are not the substitute for graphic design training courses, which help students understand and develop how to create a visual product from idea to implementation.

In our training courses, students learn many skills that develop their abilities and reveal new secrets in the world of design.

  • The fundamentals of layout
  • How to choose, create and edit digital images
  • Draw and illustrate characters
  • Colors and fonts manipulation 
  • How to anticipate an audience’s response to a design

Training: Engineering

The engineering industry is moving and changing at a rapid rate, which makes it imperative that employers ensure they work with the best talent available, which means that our engineering tailored workshops are more important than ever.

If you cannot afford to invest the time and money it takes to get a comprehensive education for your engineers at a traditional college or university, then online engineering workshops may be an alternative option.

Whatever your engineering field, our workshops can help you develop a new set of skills or enhance your truly valuable engineering expertise.

EduStream provides you with the opportunity to tailor a workshop in any field of engineering design to suit your career ambition.

Engineering Services

EduStream provides designers, engineers, and contractors a set of BIM and CAD tools that support projects from early-stage design through to construction.

Create high-quality, high-performing building and infrastructure designs with conceptual and detailed design tools.

Optimize projects with integrated analysis, generative design, and visualization and simulation tools.

Improve predictability in the field with tools that maximize constructability and project coordination and budget.

Engineering activities of conceptual, detailed or final design are covered by our highly experienced team

EduStream specializes in providing a range of services including:

  • BIM modeling for architects, engineers, general contractors and developers.
  • BIM coordination for Architectural, Structural, and MEP.
  • Revit shop drawings, design development and detailing services.
  • BIM software development and Revit plugins services. 

Multimedia services

In humans there are strong and weak personalities, as well as in brands, there is an identity that expresses the strength of your product or business, and on the contrary, the identity can weaken the size of your brand and negatively affect the marketing of your product.

EduStream offers logo or visual identity design services that make your product or business a unique personality.

Graphic design is one of the most important marketing tools for your product or business, whether it’s Offline Marketing or Online, because it helps you to show your service in the best possible way.

EduStream has a group of competencies and experiences in the field of graphic design that will help you in marketing your product and raising your sales.

Promotional, training or entertainment videos, presentations, films, webinars, interviews, e-learning content, audio guides, audio books, animated films, video games, infotainment, documentaries, multi-channel advertising spots.

Regardless of type or purpose, video is now the most widely used digital format and is set to increase its online presence even more in the future.